Lorenzo Perez is a highly experienced trial lawyer who focusses his practice on criminal and civil trials; he compliments his practice with appellate advocacy. For nearly thirty years, throughout Massachusetts and at Federal Court, he has represented clients for whom he has obtained outstandingly favorable results, which include numerous Not Guilty verdicts at Massachusetts District and Superior Courts, as well as extraordinary Not Guilty jury verdicts at Federal District Court; these successful results at state -- and especially at Federal Court -- were against formidable odds, as the conviction rate at federal court is 85% to 95%. 
Favorable outcomes also include: lifetime financial and medical support settlements, "Motion Allowed" decisions in motions to suppress evidence and motions to dismiss charges, and the avoidance of Grand Jury indictments for business owners and for falsely accused criminal defense clients. Also, without charging a fee (pro bono), Attorney Perez regularly represents people who cannot otherwise afford his services and the wrongly accused in Innocence Project cases. Still, regardless of any lawyer's achievements or successes in past cases, the key components to determining whether any attorney is right for you include trust, competence, communication, and effectiveness demonstrated in your case. It is on the foundation of these qualities in the attorney-client relationship that successful outcomes are built.
Attorney Perez regularly represents clients accused of murder, serious felonies, and in complex civil matters (head trauma and brain injuries), but he also makes himself available to clients in less serious cases -- and to the parents of juveniles interested in protecting their children from unjust criminal convictions and the prospect of a future with a criminal record.  He prides himself on advocating unwaveringly and tenaciously for clients with simple matters before the court, just as attentively as he does for clients in complex cases. Often, his clients are well-respected members of the community (Harvard professors, MIT PhD candidates, police officers, West Point Graduates, Veterans, etc.); that is, people from all walks of life who -- due to an unfortunate twist of fate or a lapse in judgment -- find themselves in need of a skilled trial lawyer and/or an adept, diplomatic representative to avoid Grand Jury indictment for business crimes, felonies, vehicular tragedies, or false accusations.
Thoughout his career, Attorney Perez has taken on the toughest and most challenging cases imaginable and won. He has developed a niche career of obtaining extremely favorable verdicts in very difficult cases. With highest regard for the right to a jury trial -- our legal system's most valuable right -- Attorney Perez's approach is to inform and guide juries to a just verdict, as well-informed jurors will come to a just verdict.
Dedicating himself to the improvement of trial law practice, Attorney Perez regularly teaches legal skills seminars to attorneys at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education for the Committee for Public Counsel Services, and Middlesex Defense Attorneys.  He also contributes to the integrity of the legal community by serving as a Hearing Officer at the Board of Bar Overseers, and is an active supporter of the Innocence Project, having served as the Assistant Director of the New England Innocence Project, and the Director of the Cambridge Innocence Project.
Attorney Perez is a member of the Massachusetts Bar (1992), the Federal Bar (1st Circuit) (2004), and the U.S. Court of Appeals (2004).
He is a graduate of Boston University Law School (1992) and Bentley University (1988); Post-Doctoral Education includes: Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Harvard University Extension School, and New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study. 
Having completed the following intensive national trial skills academies, Attorney Perez is a certified alumnus of the following: 
  • The National Criminal Defense College, 
  • The National Institute of Trial Advocates, and
  • The Institute of Criminal Defense Advocacy.
Attorney Perez has held the following professional associations:
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Dorchester Bar Association (past President)
  • Southern Poverty Law Project
  • American Veteran's Association
  • Mensa




2022: First Degree Murder Charge Dismissed. Motion to Dismiss First Degree Murder Indictment Allowed; Charge Dismissed.

2022: $980,000 Verdict. Head injury suffered by Client while at MASAC for addiction treatment ordered by the Court at the request of Client's family. In conjunction with Attorney Jennifer O'Brien.  

2022: Not Guilty Verdict. Assault & Battery Charge arising from a divorce and custody battle against career military enlisted officer with security clearance.  Jury did not credit the accusing witness's accusation. Jury verdict, Not Guilty. 


2020: All Dismissed Charges. Disabled State Trooper Injured in Line Duty, developed an addiction and was charged with Assault & Battery on family members.  Multiple charges in both Taunton District Court and Roxbury District Court; All Charges Dismissed. Defendant released from incarceration, and returned to No Convictions Status, clearing the way for reentry into law enforcement career options and reunion with his family. 


2019: Client freed from Prison After 22 Years Incarcerated. Judge Ruled that Defendant was unfairly tried and convicted must be released from unlawful incarceration. Fifteen witnesses, and substantial evidence required the Court to Grant a Motion for New Trial. Defendant released after 22 years incarcerated. Suffolk Superior Court.


2016: Rape Allegation, Case Dismissed Prior to Arraignment During the Grand Jury Investigation Process. Allegation against a young man were recanted by the accusing party as a result of a comprehensive investigation conducted by Bobby Rogers, Investigative Consultants, Cambridge/Brockton, MA, due to several witnesses, facts, and the timeline of events all uncovered lack of veracity re. charges.  All investigative information turned over to the Middlesex District Attorney's Office -- the accusing party recanted the accusation, and the prosecutor ceased litigation. 

2016: Lifetime Parole Revocation Hearing due to alleged violation of parole. Parolee Violation Rescinded after Parole Hearing; Returned to Liberty to Resume Parole Status. Massachusetts Parole Board.

2015: Defendant Held Not Competent to Stand Trial Determination. Middlesex Superior Court. 


2013: Commitment of up to life sentence. "Not guilty"Jury verdict, Middlesex Superior Court.


2011: Not Guilty Jury Verdict, Possession of Large Capacity Firearm in the Home. Suffolk Superior Court.

2011: Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted. Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Disorderly House, Procuring Alcohol. Charges Dismissed as a result of law enforcement illegal entry and search of the home. Cambridge District Court.


2009: Juvenile Not Guilty of Attempt to Purchase Alcohol. Jury trial. Cambridge District Court.

2009: Not Guilty, Possession of Burglarious Tools, Dorchester District Court.

2009: Not Guilty, Trespassing, Cambridge Juvenile Court. Jury Trial.

2009: Motion for Sanctions Against the Prosecution for Not Providing Discovery. Motion Granted. Sanctions and Attorneys' Fees Assessed for $25,000; subsequently appealed and fees revised. Cambridge District Court.

2009: Motion Re. Competency to Stand Trial. Defendant Found Not Competent to Stand Trial; hospitalized and successfully rehabilitated. Charges Dismissed. Cambridge District Court.

2008: Not Guilty, Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammo, Armed Career Criminal. Not Guilty on all charges. Middlesex Superior Court. Jury Trial. 

2008: Not Guilty, Up to Lifetime Commitment avoided. Worcester Superior Court. Jury Trial.


2007: Not Guilty, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Federal District Court. Jury Trial. Over 85% of Federal trials end in guilty verdicts -- far fewer end in "all Not Guilty" verdicts.  This trial ended in Not Guilty verdicts on all counts.

2007: Not Guilty, Distribution. Suffolk Superior Court. Jury Trial.

2007: Motion for a New Trial, Granted; Subsequently, Defendant deemed not competent to stand trial. All charges dismissed. Indecent Assault & Battery. Cambridge Juvenile Court.


2006: Not Guilty, Resisting Arrest, Assault & Battery, Disorderly Conduct. Cambridge Juvenile Court. Evidence presented that juvenile had been beaten by responding officers -- civil suit followed Not Guilty verdicts.

2006. Not Guilty, Threats and Assault & Battery, Dorchester District Court. Jury Trial.

2006. Probation Violation Hearing. Not Violated. Arson, Breaking & Entering. Cambridge District Court. 


2005: False Rape Allegation, All Charges Dismissed. Juvenile accused of rape -- after investigation and discovery proceedings revealed his accuser had issued thirteen unsubstantiated accusations, all charges were dismissed. Investigation credited to Investigative Consultants, Cambridge.  Cambridge Juvenile Court. 


2004: Not Guilty, Indecent Assault & Battery and Assault & Battery. Dorchester District Court. Jury Trial.

2004: Not Guilty, Intimidation of a Witness. Cambridge District Court. Jury Trial.

2004: Not Guilty, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Subsequent OUI. Dorchester District Court. Jury Trial.

2004: Not Guilty / Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity. Assault & Battery Dangerous Weapon, Assault & Battery, and Threats of Bomb. Not Guilty Jury Verdict on NGRI Defense -- minuscule number of cases are successfully tried with NGRI Jury Verdicts. Dorchester District Court. Jury Trial.

2004: Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted. Warrantless search of automobile. Charges Dismissed as a result. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws. Cambridge District Court.


2003: Not Guilty, Assault & Battery. Cambridge District Court. Jury Trial..

2003: Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted. All charges dismissed -- Possession of Class D, Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammo. Dorchester District Court.

2003: Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted. Evidence Suppressed. Case Dismissed. 



-- Complete list with additional detail available upon request.